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Smart home appliances control into a new hot spot

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            With the gradual development of science and technology, mobile phone has become indispensable in people's life an important part. The function of mobile phone from the phone, SMS extended to today's video, games, shopping and so on. In addition, mobile phone function more and more powerful, the other characters also began playing in consumers' lives more difficult to imagine.
The appliance update quickly, intelligent home appliances have been gradually integrated into people's lives, the film's high-tech key remote control, remote control is no longer remote, remote control of intelligent home appliances become the scene of many consumer intelligence Home Furnishing the most direct impression. However, mobile phone remote control so convenient?
           Have demand,
           Mobile phone remote control came into being
           Once the network has had such a test: if you go out before the only allowed something, identity cards, keys, wallet, mobile phone which do you choose? The test result is that a large part of the mobile phone users choose. Indeed, the mobile phone has been gradually integrated into people's lives. Chen said: "no with a mobile phone to go out on the uncomfortable"
The current can be used for household appliances more and more remote control, remote control of home more and more, daily storage, search and use are very convenient. For the public, the most easy to encounter problems every day is a remote home appliance is lost, want to use not to see it. The mobile phone is a kind of commonly used in the present people's communications equipment, we are used to carry mobile phone and mobile phone often put on the side. So, people began to hope can also use mobile phone when the electric appliance remote controller, and it is in this demand drives, mobile phone remote control home appliances a function is also gradually developed businesses .
          Remote control software emerge in an endless stream Tiao
          Speaking of mobile phone remote control home appliances, Chen was in the best of spirits. "I these days at home a lot of remote control software, do not know what is good." said Chen while open mobile phone software download APP, input "remote control" two key words, a remote worry, remote remote control remote control wizard, master. Assistant remote control software appears on the screen. The author randomly selected a "remote wizard software test, open the software, internal remote control, TV selection module, also can select the scene, such as bedroom, dining room, gym, etc., in the software requirements, to indicate with infrared. Use, can be matched with the TV set-top box use.
In addition the author also tested several other remote control software, including a remote worry software is mandatory buy Remote worry supporting hardware can remote control the actual equipment, this software comments, many users have expressed dissatisfaction, said the use of inconvenience.
          Then the author visited the city several large appliance stores, in the well-known home appliance brands within the area, a lot of intelligent remote control of home appliances are in the most prominent position throughout the region, from the price point of view, this class has a remote control home appliances than ordinary household appliances should be much higher.
An electronics store sales staff told the author, with function of remote control of home appliances, as long as the download brand mobile phone APP, will receive the intelligent prompt functions in the application and implementation of the intelligent kitchen appliances for mobile phone remote control.
          In the use of many difficulties
          To mobile phone control of home appliances, many consumers, especially young consumers paid more attention to it, but I then learned on the part of the public in the use of mobile phone remote control of the interview, there are many household appliances after use for this kind of Tucao. Said in a silver line of work of Mr. Wang, originally a mobile phone that can freely manipulate various household appliances, did not expect the differences between brands also appeared in the incompatible conflicts, to realize the remote control of mobile phone, mobile phone also need equipment and electrical equipment at the same time in WIFI, "that is to say, want to click or set a function, but also have to have a wireless, if in the outdoor or His place is not in use at all "
          "Although it is in the mobile phone remote control as a selling point, but the so-called cloud mobile phone remote control or remote control, is to electrical equipment information uploaded to the cloud server, the server pushed to the consumer's mobile phone and other intelligent terminal, of the network environment for this process is very high, the operation must be under the environment of WiFi and, to ensure the wireless environment of this process, we need the customers with a wireless router device and can not be easily closed." industry insiders Deng said, in addition, in the specific operation, remote manipulation of mobile phone consumers is not so simple to imagine, because the relevant technology is not mature, no different brands The relative standard and operation process, so in order to control home appliances, to every brand even every household appliances are respectively corresponding to download a APP, in the use of the process also need to obtain authorization and enter the password correctly.

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