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APP mobile

ANDROID, IOS mobile phone APP, PHP, JAVAWEB.NET website and database and other related software design and development...


Smart home

Intelligent Home Furnishing is a residential platform, integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will Home Furnishing life related facilitie...


Intell control

Control theory is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics, mainly in power system with input signal behavior. External input system called reference value, one or more variables in the system with the reference value chan...



The worlds leading Internet of things platform for manufacturers and service providers Networking is an important part of a new generation of information technology, is an important stage in the development of information era. By using loca...



The formation of smart appliances is the microprocessor and computer technology into the home appliance home appliance products, with automatic monitoring failure, automatic measurement, automatic control, automatic control and remote contr...


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