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1) Embedded operating system (any kind of OS kernel of Android, Linux, WINCE, uITRON, eCOS), including file system based on FLASH Memory.For example: Samsung S3C2416X,ARM926EJ; ATMEL AT91SAM9G45,ARM926EJ; Cortex A8, DM3730, AM3703 SoC,1GHz;
 2) IrDA and USB communication technology, 232 communications, 485 communications, network card communications, GPRS communication, 802.11b wireless communication, GPS, etc.
3) Color LCD (TFT screen) and black and white LCD driver. 
4) Infrared remote control technology
5) Power control PWM, and battery charging and standby charging technology.
6) Compact embedded system database technology. 
7) Fingerprint recognition technology. 
8) PLC series industrial control technology.
9) CAN business technology. 
10) Servo motor control technology design.

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